Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NoHu NYC 2014 Winners

On an evening full of excitement and great expectations, the event was full of wonderful artistry and stupendous good spirit.  Congratulations to all the winners.
Best Artistic Short  -  Eye to I by Mauricio Mo Zapata
Best Dramatic Short  -  Adhesive Love by Giancarlo Orellana
Best Romantic Comedy Short  - Mixed Signals by Humberto Guzman
Best Documentary Short  -  August Christmas by Raul Barcelona
Best Horror Short  -  Monster by Alex Rask
Best Comedy Short  -  Pissin' by Saulo Diaz

Best Director, Alex Rask - “Monster”
Best Actress, Molly Densmore - “Monster”
Best Actor, Aidan Schultz-Meyer - “Mixed Signals”
Best Young Actress, Alexis Lariviere - “Monster”

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